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We wanted to demonstrate that it was possible to integrate modern eco-friendly systems into a grade 1 listed historic building, and we have achieved this such that no-one would notice without being told. Our Energy Centre is the hub of our system extracting underground heat to provide heating and hot water for the site as well as using solar panels to provide additional water heating. The system also produces chilled water for cooling instead of needing air conditioning units.

Electrical power is generated by solar panels on the Energy Centre Roof and over the Car Park and this can be stored in a battery array if not required immediately. We also use this power to charge EV vehicles via charging points in the car park, and we feed power back to the grid when there is an excess.

  • Gardening equipment now battery powered
  • Refillable toiletries in accommodation
  • Elimination of single-use items in Brassage
  • Garden waste composted and re-used on gardens
  • Food waste sent for anaerobic digestion
  • Zero waste to landfill
  • Rotary clothes line to save energy from tumble-drying
  • Cleaning products reduced in number to smallest feasible¬†range to save on containers and waste
  • Zero emissions courtesy minibuses