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EDF has restored Cannington Court, a Grade 1 listed building, so that it is energy efficient and sustainable to showcase the drive for Net Zero and Generation Electric.


From the start, the refurbishment of Cannington Court was intended to be energy efficient, with an innovative design by the in-house Business to Business (B2B) Energy Services team providing an alternative to the more usual gas fuelled heating system. This approach has been continued ever since with the objective of making the location a showcase for sustainability and an exemplar for Net Zero as well as saving costs. Many of our current initiatives come from our Sustainability Team, operatives who use their detailed knowledge of the tasks to find opportunities to improve our sustainability.


Battery storage solutions are a vital part of the future energy mix in helping to lower carbon emissions, smooth the daily demand shape – by shifting consumption from high to low demand periods – and compliment renewable energy projects.

EDF are active world-wide in batteries, with projects from England to America and have an ambition to expand this presence further by bringing more batteries to customers and building 10GW of storage by 2030.


EDF Group and Nissan have formed a partnership to develop the vehicle to grid (V2G) smart charging systems. As a flagship EDF site, Cannington Court was the first to introduce EV minibus services as part of this initiative and will be joining the V2G scheme which uses the vehicle stored energy to feed the National Grid, or the Site when demand is high and recoups the charge when demand is low.

EV Charging

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Our approach is not limited to the Energy Centre: we have a full supporting range of other measures from harvesting rainwater to reduce our water consumption, to removing single-use toiletries from the accommodation, reducing the variety of site cleaning products, to composting our garden waste and using this to grow food for the Brassage.

Our catering has seen a particular focus recently as we have driven out single-use items, particularly plastics, reducing food waste by better planning, increasing on-site fresh food production and contracting to reduce food miles through local supply. 



If sustainability is an area your business is reviewing, would like to explore for your own Net Zero initiative, or would just like to know more, we would be very pleased to incorporate a full briefing as part of your Event at Cannington Court. Please speak to the Bookings Team or your Event Manager.