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Pod Point is a well-known and well-regarded brand in the EV market and is one of the largest electric vehicle charging companies in the UK. Offering charge points supports the growing number of our customers who are EV drivers. Commercial charging is hugely convenient for EV drivers and sustainability is of ever-increasing importance to us.

Vehicle emissions represent the UK's largest CO2 emissions category, businesses can make a big impact by electrifying their vehicles.

We have installed a number of these charging points at Cannington Court to allow our customers to lead a low-carbon lifestyle and truly feel they are playing their part to help Britain achieve their net zero target.

All of our Pod Point chargers contain smart technology that allow for flexibility. They are reliable and easy to use so our customers get the best experience.

How to charge your car using pod point


Electric vehicle workplace charging etiquette & guidelines

EV Charging Request Form

If you wish to use the EV charging points whilst at Cannington Court, please provide us with your name and an e-mail address. We will register you and you will then receive activation instructions from Pod Point.

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