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The Hinkley Point Visitor Centre is now open at Cannington Court. It showcases EDF and the Hinkley Point C project to internal and external guests as well as project stakeholders and sponsors.

The new all-interactive visitor centre highlights the importance of the energy mix and how Nuclear power plays an important part. The centre has a number of interactive displays which help explain the technical aspects of Nuclear power.

We plan to resume a very limited number of Hinkley Point C tours for the public from January. Limited capacity will also be available for smaller school groups. Please email for availability.

“On behalf of the parish council, please can I extend a very big thank you to you both for arranging our visit this evening and accompanying us on the site tour. It was very interesting and enlightening - as was your commentary David! I think without doubt, everyone was seriously impressed and amazed by the magnitude of the project, the site and the coordination required to bring it all together. It has certainly changed and progressed a great deal since our previous visit.”

David and Immy
Parish Council

“Everyone was very happy with the tour and there was talk of a return trip in a couple of years to see progress! Your team did a great job of steering us round, the impressive wealth of facts, figures and information brought the site to life and Darren, our driver for the day, was a pleasure.
Having been on a previous Tour through the Bridgwater Visitor Centre, I personally thought that going via Cannington was the better option. Facilities will improve again when you move to Cannington Court with a café and everything on site.”

Sandford Station Railway Heritage Centre group

“I want to thank you all for your support and hard work in support of the WANO BGM, post BGM technical tours and Three Fleet seminar.
We have been overwhelmed by positive feedback from our +600 guests and, despite the multiple changes you faced throughout the week, I’ve not received a single piece of critical feedback concerning the EDF team.
Simone Rossi (EDF CEO), Tom Mitchell (WANO Chairman) and Peter Prozesky (WANO CEO) are among those who have provided positive feedback and asked that I pass on their thanks to the wider team.”

Steve Milton
Head of International Operational Liaison
Safety, Security and Assurance Division
EDF Energy Generation

“On behalf of the Efinor Group Executive team, I would like to thank you and the broader NNB team for making the visit of the HPC site possible for our Efinor directors last week. This was a tremendous opportunity for us to be updated on the site progress and challenges to come. As you know, Efinor team has been engaging for a long time to support NNB and its partners and we will pursue our efforts to make the whole project a success.”

Anthony Prod’homme
Managing Director
Efinor Ltd